Things you wish people actually shared about becoming a mom

Things you wish people actually shared about becoming a mom

We read many books to acquire more knowledge, accept all the guidance, and prepare the best we can. But, then, the baby comes, and somehow, there are generally countless things waiting that we all wish we knew. We all have a myth about the realities of our first months as a mother. In the case of nothing else, essentially, it's a fairy story. In this article, we would highlight and discuss things you wish people shared about becoming a mother. 


Your toddler is going to be hungry more than often. You would have just nursed, breastfed, and burped your child for the umpteenth time, put her down to go shower, and before you know it, it's time to feed her again! Try not to get crazy or lock yourself in your bedroom while breastfeeding. Keep cell phones, books available and handy to read, connect and browse. Go sit out on the couch in the living room in case there is privacy. This will keep you rational, engaged, and cheerful. Additionally, your toddler will be comfortable feeding in different positions. In this way, you feel lighter. 

Try not to keep it too silent when your toddler sleeps

When you figure out how to take care of your child down during the daytime, don't keep your home too quiet. Allow the normal commotions on-normal discussions, music playing behind the scenes, clothes washer spinning, traffic clamors, and so forth. Your baby is used to all these noises, etc. Your baby is used to all these commotions while in the womb, so let be the same. Just ensure the noises should not be very loud to disturb your princes.

 Go easy on baby stuff

What you ideally need are baby clothes, socks, towels, diapers, napkins, wipes, nail trimmers, bathing seat, body lotion, body wash, rattles, swaddle. Try not to overload your closet with garments. Your princess will grow out of them faster than you can envision. Things like a buggy, toddler carrier, high seat, child bouncer, walker, toys, toddler monitor, etc., can come once your little girl hits a 3-month mark. 

Be Shameless 

When you arrive at the delivery room, you will see a gazillion nurses, doctors, and in some cases, male attendants moving around in the room. However, you will be completely opened up, and there will be individuals looking down at you; the last thing you can be stressed over is what you look like. So be indecent and allow the doctors to do what they need to do to get the toddler out!

Treat Yourself 

You are permitted to take some time off once in a while, whether it's for only thirty minutes. Take a fresh shower, eat your meal in one sitting or get a pedicure/manicure that you so seriously need. If the mother is cheerful, everybody is happy. 

Make use of a hand sanitizer

If you have family, companions, or neighbors coming in to see your toddler, regularly give them the hand sanitizer without shame before approaching your child. They will hold your princess, and it's very okay. 


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